How To Play Cool Neoclassical Guitar Licks That Sound Great

Want to play neoclassical guitar licks that sound really good but aren’t an advanced player?

No problem!

It’s actually not that hard to play cool neoclassical guitar licks.

Even if you’re relatively new to the neoclassical guitar style…

…you can begin playing awesome licks that sound great today!

Too good to be true?

Not at all.

Watch this video and learn how to begin playing easy, yet impressive neoclassical guitar licks right away:

Now that you know some easy and impressive neoclassical guitar licks, learn how to enhance them by integrating these creative lead guitar tips with what you learned:

These tips help you become a much more creative lead guitar player in the neoclassical style:

Lead Guitar Tip One — Get As Much As You Can From Every Note

Don’t make the mistake of wasting tons of notes in your guitar solos in order to play fast or because you aren’t sure what to play next.

The best approach is to focus on playing at least ONE amazing note first.

Once you can play a truly amazing note, try to play two, then three, and so on until your guitar solos are full of high-quality notes.

Do this by using many different guitar techniques in various ways to phrase a single note differently.

Lead Guitar Tip Two — Learn How To Play The Harmonic Minor Scale Across The Fretboard

Learning how to play the harmonic minor scale in all positions across the fretboard is a big secret to fluidly playing neoclassical guitar licks during your solos.

Many guitarists only learn this scale in one position or even neglect learning it altogether.

Don’t make this same mistake!

Watch this video to see how you can quickly learn harmonic minor (or any other scale) on the fretboard:

Lead Guitar Tip Three — Focus On How Notes Feel

Knowing how certain notes feel while played over certain chords is key for learning to express yourself while soloing.

For example:

Do you what it feels like to play the seventh scale degree of a minor scale over a minor chord? What about playing it over a major chord?

What about the feeling created when you play a b13 over a dominant 7 chord?

The more you learn about how different notes feel over different chords, the easier it becomes to know how something will feel on guitar before you even pick the string!

Lead Guitar Tip Four — Learn How To Master Musical Tension And Release

The most amazing guitar solos are able to create intense levels of tension and before releasing it.

Result?: Anyone listening becomes completely engaged and hangs on every note being played.

You want your guitar solos to be like this right?

Work together with a great guitar teacher who can show you how to use notes, phrasing techniques, rhythm and other elements of music to effectively build and release musical tension in your solos.

The next step to improve your neoclassical guitar playing and transform the rest of your guitar playing is to start with your fretting hand.

To help you with this, I just released a new free eGuide called: mastering fretting hand finger independence for guitar players. It’s free and it shows you easy ways to build a lot of guitar speed in your fretting hand without a lot of practice. Download your guitar fretting hand mastery eGuide today and discover guitar speed secrets few guitarists will know.

About The Author:
Tom Hess is a guitar teacher online, progressive rock guitarist/composer and a touring musician. He teaches guitar players in his rock guitar lessons online. Go to to get more guitar playing resources and follow him on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.



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